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Troubleshooting Water Heater: No Hot Water?

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Troubleshooting Water Heater: No Hot Water?

Is your water heater not supplying hot water to your shower? Our guide covers common problems and solutions. Click to learn more!

This issue could be caused by a malfunctioning thermostat, a damaged heating component or the pilot light of a gas water heater going out.

Inadequate hot water may indicate that your water heater is undersized, for your requirements the thermostat is set low. There are potential problems with the heating element.

If your water temperature is either too hot or too cold it might be due, to a calibrated thermostat. Try adjusting it and wait a hours before testing the water temperature.

A noisy tank could be a result of sediment buildup causing rumbling sounds. Flushing the tank might resolve this noise issue.

Make sure to keep the pilot light on at all times. If it goes out refer to the instructions, in your water heater manual to relight it.

If you're not getting water you might want to consider upgrading to a larger water heater that suits your needs. Also adjusting the thermostat a degrees higher and waiting a couple of hours before checking the water temperature could help.

To address water thats too hot or too cold adjust the thermostat accordingly. If that doesn't fix it you may need to replace either the thermostat or heating element.

For a tank try draining and flushing it out. If that doesn't resolve the issue it's best to contact a plumber.

If your attempts at troubleshooting your water heater problems aren't successful it might be time to seek assistance. You can reach out to Wally Blanton Plumbing & Sewer your specialist in McHenry County and Lake County, for water heater services.

We're equipped to identify and fix any problem that arises with your heater.

Final Reflections

Taking steps can stop a water heater issue from escalating into a major crisis. By being informed and having an approach you can resolve common water heater issues on your own. However don't hesitate to contact an expert, like Wally Blanton Plumbing & Sewer when necessary. We're here to help whenever you need us!

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