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How to Choose Between Sewer Rodding and Hydro Jetting

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How to Choose Between Sewer Rodding and Hydro Jetting

sewer cleaning a clogged drainage with hydro jetting
Can't decide between sewer rodding and hydro jetting? This article will guide you on which service to choose based on various factors. Click to find out more.

Understanding the Choices Between Sewer Rodding and Hydro Jetting

While not as potent as hydro jetting it can effectively clear types of blockages.

For pipes; If your sewer line is quite aged or delicate using sewer rodding might be the choice. Hydro jetting could potentially exert pressure on older fragile pipes.

In terms of cost effectiveness

Generally speaking sewer rodding tends to be a budget option compared to hydro jetting. This makes it a viable choice if you're on a budget.

Understanding Hydro Jetting

On the side hydro jetting involves utilizing high pressure water to eliminate obstructions in the sewer line. This method can be highly effective in dislodging blockages and cleansing the walls of the pipe by removing grease, scale and even tree roots.

When to Opt for Hydro Jetting


Hydro jetting excels at eliminating significant blockages that traditional rodding methods may struggle with.

Pipe maintenance

From clearing blockages, hydro jetting also cleans the walls of the pipe helping prevent future clogs and prolonging the lifespan of your pipes.

Safe, for pipes

If your pipes are in shape, using hydro jetting is an effective way to completely clear any blockages.

For sewer services

it's best to leave tasks like sewer rodding or hydro jetting to the experts. At Wally Blanton Plumbing & Sewer we understand the plumbing challenges faced by residents in McHenry County and Lake County. With our team of professionals, we can evaluate your situation. Recommend the most suitable solution whether it involves sewer rodding or hydro jetting.

When addressing sewer blockages

It's important to take into account factors such as the type of blockage, the condition of your pipes, and your budget. Making a decision is crucial as opting for a service, without knowledge could lead to further complications. Reach out to Wally Blanton Plumbing & Sewer, the plumbing company serving McHenry County and Lake County, to ensure that your sewer line receives top notch care.

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