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Get to Know Your Thermostatic Shower: Common Faults and Fixes

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Get to Know Your Thermostatic Shower: Common Faults and Fixes

Is a faulty thermostatic shower leaving you cold? We explain common faults and how to rectify them. Stay informed, click here!

When the essential part malfunctions it can result in a range of issues related to controlling temperature.

Changes, in Temperature

Decreased Water Pressure

Water Not Getting Enough

Identifying Problems and Solutions

Now that we've discussed the temperature control issues lets explore common faults and how you can address them effectively.

Temperature Fluctuations

Experiencing fluctuating water temperatures can be quite bothersome. This is often caused by a malfunctioning thermostat cartridge that may need cleaning or replacing. To resolve this issue start by shutting off your water supply. Take out the cartridge. Clean it using a descaling solution or replace it if cleaning doesn't solve the problem.

Water Not Getting Hot Enough

If your water never reaches the desired temperature it could be due, to your thermostat being set low. Adjust your water heaters temperature higher to see if that resolves the issue. Make sure to stay updated and ensure your showers are running efficiently.

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