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Sewer & Drain Repair Services
Wally Blanton Plumbing and Sewer

Make Sure Your Storm Drains Are Working Properly

At Wally Blanton Plumbing and Sewer Plumbing, we use the latest sewer camera technology to find, repair, or clean your sewer problems. We can also diagnose and fix storm drain, floor drain, and outside floor drain problems for you. Contact us today and we will make sure you get affordable prices and fast turnaround times from a company with over 30 years in business.

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Sewer & Drain

Let us clean or install your new sewer line

Our Services Include:

  • Cleaning
  • New lines
  • City sewer connections
  • Tree root removal

Sewer and drain

When it comes to installing new sewer lines, repairing / replacing old lines, and drain/line cleaning, there’s no-one you can rely on quite like Wally Blanton Plumbing & Sewer.

Hydro jetting:

One of the techniques we use to clean a line, this is especially effective on grease and sludge, while still being strong enough to remove tree roots. Hydro jetting utilizes high water pressure to thoroughly clean pipes between 1 ½ inches and 14 inches, and up to 500 ft in length! This technique is viable even with some smaller access points - not always the case with power rodding.

Power rodding:

This uses a drain-snake like tool with a cutting edge on the end that is spun by a motor. Very effective at cutting through particularly dense blockages.

Sewer televising:

Camera technology allows us to easily locate known problems and identify unknown problems as well. Using a flexible rod and high-definition camera, coupled with a location transmitter, we can be sure of the state of your sewer system.

Sump pump / Ejector pumps:

We offer full service and installation of sump and ejector pumps. Additionally, we stock our service trucks with sump and ejector pumps so that they are ready in the event of emergency. On top of the pump options, we also offer and install battery backup systems for pump systems - saving you additional stress when the power goes out.

Sewer repair and construction:

We are able to install cleanout stations on the sewer line to help aid in line cleaning and maintenance, as an alternative to unnecessary digging.

Routine service plans

Get in touch with us to set up a regular service plan, tailored to fit your specific sewer/drain situation. We can call and set up any appointments, always at your convenience, to properly maintain and service your sewage/drainage systems properly.

Call Wally Blanton Plumbing & Sewer today for a free estimate at +1-847-345-8185-6719 or +1-815-348-0336!

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