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Are your pipes clogged? We can help. “Snaking” (or rodding) a drain line can fix both basic and complex clogs. For basic clogs the team at Wally Blanton Plumbing and Sewer rely on drain augers, also called a drain snake to clear up the blockage. For more complex clogging trust our professional staff to rod your drain utilizing our fiber optic cameras—free of charge—to inspect our work and ensure quality and efficient work while we de-clog your drains.

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Drain Cleaning Services

Clogged pipes causing problems in your home or business? Frequent clogging? Your drains/pipes may need cleaning.

You may be familiar with drain snaking - a somewhat stiff cable is pushed into a drain, following the curves and corners, until it punches a small hole through the blockage. The way we clean drains is similar, often referred to as power rodding. With a motorized cutting edge on the end of this cable, our technicians are able to rapidly cut through roots and debris, clearing a much larger hole in the blockage.

If you think you may need your drains unblocked, please call us at +1-847-345-8185-6719 or +1-815-348-0336 and ask about our $99.00 power-rodding special! Our technicians are professional, licensed, and capable.

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