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Backwater valves | Backflow Prevention
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Backwater valves | Backflow Prevention

The flow of water into and out of your home is an essential part of a functional household. Keeping that flow of water moving smoothly, safely, and efficiently is a fundamental need for anyone with running water.

We mention safely - were you aware that waste water can cross-contaminate your fresh water supply? Backflow valves are a preventative device to keep this from happening, and although it is an inexpensive fix, it is better to not have any cross-contamination to begin with. Certified, experienced plumbers may install, repair, replace, and perform other maintenance on these valves. Backflow prevention devices need routine testing to be certain they are not at risk of total or partial failure. Do you know when the last time your backflow prevention systems were checked?

Contact Wally Blanton Plumbing & Sewer Plumbing today for all of your backflow prevention needs at +1-847-345-8185 or +1-815-348-0336. We will gladly give you a FREE estimate and assist you with more information pertaining to backflow prevention devices.

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